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Tell Us Your Story…

Have you attended a PGC course or participated in our Online Training through the year? Or, has your son or daughter, or players that you coach, attended a PGC course in the past? We would like to hear from you if what you learned at PGC has helped you or your team to be successful. [...]

I’m Starting a New Challenge…

Hey Everyone! I thought I would write to share that I am starting a 30-Day Challenge…one that I attempted to complete last spring, but didn’t manage to get done. I can’t remember where I stopped, but I got sidetracked along the way and didn’t complete it. I could blame it on busyness and having too [...]

Staying Strong, Explosive, and Healthy

Your hips are your engines. Plain and Simple. Having a strong core is essential to controlled movement, but many basketball players underestimate the importance of actually strengthening their hips and hip flexors. I can speak from personal experience that I worked the muscles around my hips (quads, glutes, and hamstrings) in isolation, and improved my [...]

Ronald Nored’s Interview

Online Training Members, My hope is that you all found and will find value in the PGC Online Training quarterly interviews with college athletes and coaches while you are in the midst of training in order to reach your basketball aspirations. If you missed the interview with Ronald Nored or would like to revisit Ronald’s [...]

30 Day Challenge – Complete!!

Hey PGC Online Trainers, I just completed my Top Priorities challenge!  The beginning of my final 10 days did not start very successfully.  The first day I felt too tired to do all of my challenges so I skipped reading my kinesiology book and decided to take my consequence of sleeping on the floor. You [...]

Leading By Example Is Poor Leadership

The first level of leadership is leading yourself. That is, by doing what needs to be done it sets the example. That’s called doing your part. To a good coach, it’s the expectation rather than an exception. Real leadership in sport, begins when the people around are not doing what they need to be doing and probably don’t want to.

Coaching Clinic Notes: PGC Basketball Owner & Director Dena Evans

Dena Evans, known to thousands of PGC Basketball graduates simply as “Coach D,” has served as the Owner and Director of PGC since 2002. Legendary UCLA basketball coach, John Wooden, once said about Dena Evans: “Don’t be under the impression that it takes a male coach to teach the fundamentals of basketball. As an outstanding [...]

The Challenge Begins

All summer long I emphasize the benefits of 30-Day Challenges to athletes, but it’s been a while since I’ve taken a 30-Day Challenge myself. In launching our new Online Training program, I realized there is no better time than the present for me to begin a new 30-Day Challenge. Now, I’m not going to take [...]

Coaching Clinic Notes: WNBA Seattle Storm Head Coach Brian Agler

Head Coach Brian Agler of the WNBA Seattle Storm shares coaching tips and ideas for player development, effective communication and getting ‘buy-in’ from basketball players during PGC Basketball’s online coaching clinic.


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