Earn Your PGC Degree

PGC’s degree program is for players who have a desire to reach their highest potential—as a basketball player, as a leader, and as a person.

Each aspect of the degree program has been designed to help you integrate PGC concepts into your training and performance year-round.

As a participant in PGC’s degree program, you will develop:

  • The key skills, principles, and habits of play that are needed to excel as a player.
  • The intangibles—including the mental toughness and approach that make good players great.
  • The leadership qualities that will transform you into a powerful influencer—both on and off the basketball court.

These three aspects of the game are emphasized in each one of our PGC courses, but what makes the degree program special is the ongoing learning and practical application over an extended period of time that will lead to a permanent transformation in your game, in your leadership abilities, and in every aspect of your everyday life.

How the Degree Program Works

You can enroll in the degree program at the completion of any PGC summer course. There is a one-time fee of $75 to enroll, and you’ll receive a Lifetime PGC Discount of 10% off ALL future PGC summer courses.

Once you’ve enrolled, we will track your progress along with you and will be available to answer any questions that you have regarding courses, assignments, and 30-day Challenges.  Upon completion of the requirements for your degree, you will receive a graduation certificate from PGC.

In order to receive your degree, you will need to accumulate 50 credits. The degree program includes required and elective courses, as well as assignments and Online Training 30-Day Challenges.

For a copy of the degree program summary and credit tracker, print PGC’s degree program Welcome Packet.

Required Credits

(1) Summer Courses
  • PGC Essentials – You must complete this 5-day, 4-night summer course. (10 credits)
  • Point Guard College – You must complete this 5-day, 4-night summer course. (10 credits)
(2) 30-Day Challenges
  • Players in the degree program must complete an Online Training 30-Day Challenge for each of the following skills: Finishing at the Rim, Ball-Handling, Shooting, and Explosion & Core Strength. (2.5 credits each)
(3) Shooting Proficiency Assignments
    • Free Throws – With a witness present, you must make at least 70 out of 100 consecutive free throws if you’re in high school, or 80 out of 100 free throws if you’re in college.* (2.5 credits)
    • 3-Pointers – With a witness present, you must make at least 25 out of 50 three-point shots if you’re in high school, or 30 out of 50 three-point shots if you’re in college.* (2.5 credits)

* You can try as many times as you like, but you won’t receive credit for this assignment until you hit the goal.

(4) Reading Assignments

While reading these books, you’ll want to keep a notebook close by so that you can write down notes whenever you discover something that you can apply in your game or your life.  These books were not intended to be read chronologically though—jump around to different chapters based on what’s relevant to you. Just be sure to highlight chapter titles after you read each chapter, until every chapter in the book is highlighted.

When you’ve finished reading the book, you will need to turn your notes into a two-page summary of what you’ve learned and then submit that summary to PGC.

You will then either receive your credits or receive coaching from us on how you can improve your work so that you can re-submit your paper.


You will earn 10 credits for each additional 5-day, 4-night Summer Course you complete, and 3 credits for each year-round short course. You can also complete additional life and basketball 30-Day Challenges through our Online Training. There is no limit to the number of 30-Day Challenges that you may complete for credit (2.5 credits each)

If you are interested in additional reading assignments, you can read Runnin’ The Show, Smart Moves, or Top 20 Teens for 2.5 credits each. Two-page written book summaries must be submitted in order to earn the credits.

Additional Notes:
  • If you choose to repeat a course, you can receive another 10 credits for completing the course again.
  • Videos and charts for the 30-Day Challenges and shooting assignments are available in the Online Training portal.
  • You must email your completed 30-Day Challenge charts, reading reports, and shooting proficiency assignments to info@pgcbasketball.com to receive your credits. We will email you to confirm that your credits have been applied.

Can I Earn Credits from PGC Courses I’ve Attended?

If you have previously attended summer courses with PGC, you will receive full credit for each course that you completed. If you have already read either Stuff! Good Players Should Know or Think Like A Champion, you can receive your credits after you submit a two-page summary. For players who have already completed an Online Training 30-Day Challenge, you will receive credits towards your degree for each 30-Day Challenge chart you submit.

How Can I Start Earning Credits Towards My PGC Degree?

There is no better way to jump-start your complete basketball education than by enrolling in one of our 5-day, 4-night summer courses or year-round short courses. But, you don’t have to wait to attend a course in order to get started on improving your game. You can sign up for our Online Basketball Training and immediately begin adding good habits and effective skills to your game.

“I’ve been on a crusade to find out where we’ve gone astray with youth basketball in America. My quest took me to PGC. And when they say a college education, they mean it. It’s a basketball baccalaureate—and a basketball coaches’ Nirvana. It’s a finishing school where you learn all the things that good players know, but someone forgot to tell you. PGC is for serious players who want knowledge that will change their game.”
— Lindell Singleton, 2-Time Conference Coach of the Year, Fort Worth, Texas.

Questions about the PGC degree program? Email info@pgcbasketball.com.

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