PGC Prep School

The PGC Prep School course is designed to give athletes a vision of who they can be as a basketball player, a student, a leader, and a person. In addition to learning everything needed to play smart, strong basketball on the court, players receive five days of training in how to be a special athlete, student, and leader.

The PGC Prep School experience is a must for any aspiring player who wants to stand-out on and off the court.


PGC Prep School basketball camps are co-ed and are open to incoming 7th-10th grade players of All positions.

Coaches of all levels are welcome—particularly those who are looking for ideas on how to help their middle school and junior high athletes develop a solid foundation for success in basketball, and life.

What You’ll Learn:

PGC Prep School is specifically intended to prepare you for high school varsity basketball and beyond. You’ll develop a foundation for playing intelligent basketball through specially designed activities, competitions, and games that will help you build habits that lead to successful play. You’ll learn new ways to control your body, improve your ball-handling, and beat your defender, as well as countless ways to present yourself as a mature and dedicated athlete on the court, so you can not only make your high school JV or varsity team, but actually stand out and look special.


A Few of the Specific Things You’ll Learn on the Court:

  • Being tough with the ball and owning your space
  • Passing out of pressure and traps
  • Developing better body control, footwork, and balance
  • Beating full-court pressure and double-teams
  • Developing hand-eye coordination and quickness
  • Learning to be a play-maker without the ball
  • Understanding timing and spacing on the court
  • Finishing powerfully at the rim
  • Slowing down good offensive players
  • Minimizing unnecessary turnovers
  • Responding to mistakes with composure
  • Speaking to your team (or class) with confidence and poise
  • Attacking space in the open court
  • Using fakes to create advantages
  • How to show you’re coachable through eye contact and posture
  • How to maximize your basketball training
  • How to celebrate the success of your teammates
  • And much more…

What They’re Saying About The Prep School:

“PGC has impacted my life so much. My parents will be wowed at how how I’ve changed. This overall experience was fantastic and changed my life for the better.”
Jack Crull, PGC Grad, Marshall, MI

“PGC is amazing. I am a raving fan. I tell everyone about it whenever I get the chance. I use the teachings with my athletes as well as in my own life. You are not only growing athletes, you are also growing coaches…my coaching this past season was taken to an entirely higher level and that’s all thanks to PGC!”
Tanya Papp, PGC Observing Coach, Leland, MI

“Let me start by saying thank you! The Prep School experience this week was AMAZING. I have coached for years and have attended numerous coaching clinics, but what I learned that first day were things I hadn’t ever heard before. Returning to my room each night it was hard for me to fall asleep, as I was so wound from what I had just experienced. Seeing all the staff so upbeat and encouraging and “SCHAPE-ing” the athletes was infectious—and then to watch the athletes implement what they had learned so quickly was amazing. This whole experience has not only been an eye opener but also a self-opener. Thank you!”
Rhonda Dawdy, President, St. Thomas Shock Basketball Club

“This basketball camp was the best I have ever encountered. My son Jamal is in the 7th grade and it changed his mind set about basketball. I attended the Prep School as an observing coach as I wanted to see if PGC was really as good as everyone on the website said it was—and I was convinced. I enjoyed the classroom and gym sessions, which changed my focus as a coach. I have already recommended the basketball camp to all my coaches.”
Coach Joe Ellick, Fort Worth, Texas.

“I was blown away by the information and instruction that was given at PGC—on the court and in the classroom. I felt that the leadership principles that were taught were valuable to every player in attendance. They learned how to carry themselves, whether they are a star, a role player, or a bench player. I truly believe PGC has changed my life and reignited a passion for basketball. I wish I had attended PGC when I was a player!”
Coach Michael Iwanchuk, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

“I just wanted to thank you and your staff. My son Justin is going into 8th grade and is not a point guard. He is 6’1″ and plays a forward spot. I am his coach and I had been having trouble with him and his attitude. I really wasn’t sure if he would make it through the up coming season. Our first practice after he came back from your camp I was shocked. This was not the same kid I had dropped off at your basketball camp a week before. His attitude is great and he has taken what he learned at the Prep School and his playing has improved  dramatically. Thank you again!”
Coach Jeff Baker, Erie, Pennsylvania.

“I can say, with certainty, that at least DAILY, our son repeats something that he heard, or acts upon something that he learned, from The Prep School. From his nutrition habits, to cleaning up the tables at various restaurants ‘just to leave the environment better than we found it,’ to doing his own laundry—he is moving with purpose, pride and responsibility. Mom’s doing a happy dance down here in Texas! My son had a experience that will transform him for life.”
Tami Neff, Carrollton, Texas.

“Our daughter, Susan, attended The Prep School last summer. I don’t know that I can impart to you how huge that was other than by telling you what happened when we came to pick her up. She got out her notebook and began to tell us about how much the week had meant to her. She began to talk and she got choked up. She tried again and she began to cry. Now, our daughter rarely cries—ever!! She was that moved by her time with you and your staff. Her approach to life, school and basketball has been altered in a very positive way. There are no words to express our thanks.”
Jill and Bryan Bossler, Reading, Pennsylvania.

“I learned so many things that will take my game to the next level—including the ‘C-Rip,’ the ‘Twist Pass,’ the ‘30-Day Challenge’, and what good coaches like and dislike. The things that I learned at The Prep School were things that no other basketball camps have taught me. I loved the classroom sessions and I now have a totally different approach to the game. Thanks for all that you taught me—both on and off the court.”
— Bobby Casey, Scranton, Pennsylvania.

“Our daughter had a basketball game the night she got home—and boy was there a difference. Her coach was totally amazed. Her dad and I sat up in the stands and were shocked at the girl we were watching out on the court. That was the BEST we had ever seen her play. The techniques and pointers you taught her during those five days worked a miracle.”
Carey and Becky Jobe, Fort Worth, Texas.

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1403308800 Jun 17 - 21 Oklahoma City University Oklahoma City, OK Mano Watsa Sold Out Sold Out Closed
1405641600 Jul 14 - 18 Texas Woman’s University Denton, TX Donnie Bostwick Sold Out Sold Out Closed
1407456000 Aug 4 - 8 Wheaton College Norton, MA Duez Henderson Sold Out Sold Out Closed
1408060800 Aug 11 - 15 Heritage College & Seminary Cambridge, ON Craig Nickel Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out

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